On-Site vs. Virtual Estimates for Paint Jobs In 2022

So, you’re looking to paint your space? What an exciting decision! Your first step in the process is an estimate for your paint job. The ideal way to do a painting estimate is on-site. This has long been the way that estimates have been done. But the onset of COVID-19 has made many people leery of in-person estimates for paint jobs. And that is why virtual estimates for paint jobs have become so popular in 2022.

For this reason, most paint companies will also offer virtual estimates for paint jobs. But what’s the difference between the two?

What To Expect During An On-Site Estimate For Paint Jobs

During an on-site estimate, a painting consultant will be sent directly to your home or space to assess your painting project needs. During this time, your consultant will take a closer look at the space you want to be painted, while at the same time discussing your goals, wants, and needs with the project.

Your consultant will ask you a variety of questions, including what you hope to achieve with the project, as well as any future projects you may want to do (for planning purposes). They will also sit down to help you match or select paint colours that are right for the goals you wish to achieve.

Face-To-Face With Paint Consultant

During an on-site estimate, you may find your consultant taking a closer look at the area you wish to be painted. For example, if you are wanting to paint the exterior of your home, they may do a walk around to determine any potential problems that you may run into. Things like damaged siding, for example, can affect your paint job and may need to be replaced beforehand. In some cases, your consultant may even recommend other alternatives, such as a complete siding replacement instead of a paint job.

Determining potential problems and roadblocks is an important part of your estimate and can save you a great deal of time and money in the long run.

Once you’ve determined the goals of your project, your consultant will then sit down with you to discuss the details. During this time your consultant will discuss the process with you, going over the types of products they use, and discussing how prep work, application, caulking, and repairs will be handled. You can also use this time to discuss colour options, project costs, and warranties.

When speaking about project costs, your consultant should give you an exact dollar amount, and will present you with a detailed breakdown of where your costs are going. This is also a good time to discuss potential payment plans if that is something you are interested in.

What To Expect During A Virtual Estimate For Paint Jobs

A virtual estimate is much like an on-site estimate in that it will cover everything from selecting paint colours, to discussing potential problems, to determining cost and warranty. The only difference is that instead of a consultant coming to your space to look around, you will show them virtually via video conference. Most people prefer to do video estimates using their cell phone, but it’s also possible to use a laptop. Just keep in mind that your consultant may ask you to show them around the space, so mobility is important.

Before your estimate, you will get a call from the paint company telling you exactly what to expect during the call, and what you can do to prepare. Through video, you can discuss all of your project needs, and by the end of the video, you will have a quote and the option to book a follow-up appointment to get started in the process.

Which Is Better? In-Person Or Virtual Estimates For Paint Jobs?

Totally up to you! Choosing to get a virtual estimate for your paint job versus having someone come on-site is a personal preference based on your overall comfort. Our painters can accomplish whether it’s a virtual or in-person estimate you’d prefer.

On-Site vs. Virtual Painting Estimates:

In-person visit 
Telephone visit 
Project discussion
Paint selection
Space analysis
Cost Quote
Warranty discussion
Payment plan selection

So Which Is Better in 2022? In Person Or Virtual Estimates For Paint Jobs?

In conclusion, the only real difference between on-site and virtual paint estimates is how they are conducted. In-person estimates include sending a consultant to analyze your space, while virtual estimates are done over video Indeed, rules for COVID-19 are ever-changing. Blah bla

As an additional note, in-person paint estimates can be done safely, using proper masks and protection, and are always done with social distancing in mind.

Brightest In The Room respects all existing, potential and future clients. So that is why we offer both in-person, on-site, and virtual estimates for paint jobs. We can even mix and match with a little bit virtual and a little bit in-person. Give us a call today!