99a Wychcrest
Toronto, ON
M6G 3X9
Phone: 647-689-6009

Quote Number QUO-166
Quote Date November 29, 2022
Total $3,040.83

islington and
5279 highway 7
unit 703B

Coals Aves, off of Kipling

Project Information

1. Overview of Work
- Front Door
- Entrance staircase
- Closet wall
- Livingroom/Office Space
- Living Room Baseboards

2. Start Date: December 13th, 2022
3. Duration: 2 days

4. Exclusions
- Ceilings and ducts

Qty Service PriceSubtotal
1 Property Care

All furniture/items in areas to be painted will be moved and covered where need be. Wall coverings removed. Floors and surfaces will also be covered. Areas to be sanded sectioned off to prevent the spread of dust.

1 Labour and Materials

Scraping of loose paint, Sanding, Drywall Repair, Cleaning, and Caulking gaps are included. (to all surfaces as per discussed).

Subtotal $2,990.00
HST $388.70
Discount -$337.87
Total $3,040.83


  1. Track a phone number says:

    The author’s enthusiasm for this topic is apparent.

  2. Julie says:

    Hi Akiel, thanks for call today!
    Here are my paint colours.

    Door, Interior – request is Gloss..
    Sherwin Williams, SW6215: Rocky River – 6507 15998

    Walls – request is matte: Sherwin Williams – SW 7106, Honied White, 6507 23315

    QUESTION, for the baseboards, should they be gloss finish? it would be the same colour as the wall.

    Julie 647 999 6597

  3. Julie says:

    Hi Julie,

    Although you may not find Colours specific to Benjamin Moore, this is okay. We can fulfill an order for any paint colour you choose. I will be available tomorrow as well as Friday. Feel free to give me a call!

    As for the deposit you will receive an email a couple days before the project detailing how this can be paid.



  4. Julie says:

    Hi Akiel, I am looking forward to sharing my paint colours with you – one thing missing is a dark array of colours for my front door. I see that the pallet that you left me was from Benjamin Moore. What I will do it is – go to home depot and see the benjamin moore pallet for blue’s and share that with all of what I decide on. Hoping to do this tomorrow/Friday, and get to you right away. Would that work for you? or is that ok for the timeline?

    Also I do need to put in my deposit as well. thanks

  5. Julie says:

    lets do it Akiel! Sorry I was misspelling your name in my previous email.
    Baseboard, yes!

    Will we set up a call for a paint consult? I have an idea of the colours that I wish to have.

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