99a Wychcrest
Toronto, ON
M6G 3X9
Phone: 647-689-6009

Quote Number QUO-200
Quote Date May 3, 2023
Total $4,844.15

78 Woodington Ave

Project Information

1. Overview of Work
- 2nd Floor Hallway (Walls, Ceiling, Trims)
- Staircase (Walls)
- Entrance Hallway (Walls, Ceiling)
- Living Room (Walls, Ceiling, Accent)
- Dining Room (Walls, Ceiling)

2. Start Date: TBD (August)

3. Duration: 4-5 Days

4. Exclusions:

Qty Service PriceSubtotal
1 Property Care

All furniture/items in areas to be painted will be moved and covered where need be. Floors and surfaces will also be covered. Areas to be sanded sectioned off to prevent spread of dust. Cleaning Included.

1 Interior Preparation

Our services are covered by WSIB, including our 2 million dollar Insurance policy. Included: Scraping of loose paint, Sanding, Structural Repair, Priming, Caulking (to all surfaces as per discussed).

1 Interior Painting

Our services are covered by WSIB, including our 2 million dollar Insurance policy. Included: Two coats of finishing paint (to all surfaces as per discussed).

1 Trims and Door Frames

To receive 2 finishing coats of paint and primer (to all surfaces as per discussed).

1 Materials

As specified to meet expectations:
Benjamin Moore Aura
Finish: Eggshell
Colous: TBD, 4 choices
Sico Ceiling Paint
Finish: Extra Flat
Colour: White
Benjamin Moore Advanced
Finish: Semi-Gloss
Colour: White

1 Service Fee

Our painting company charges a service fee to cover the costs associated with providing exceptional customer service, including transportation and maintenance expenses. This fee ensures that we are fully prepared to provide you with the highest quality service possible.

Subtotal $4,330.00
HST $514.15
Total $4,844.15


  1. Rochelle says:

    I am happy with the quote but I think I need one more paint colour, the invoice says 3 colours but I think it should be 4. I wanted to let you know before accepting the invoice because it might increase the cost.
    Living room/dining room (main colour)
    Living room – blue wall (small amount of paint)
    Down stairs entrance and hallway
    Upstairs hallway

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